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United Steel

United Steel México is a registered trademark of Cantona & ADV SA de CV belonging to The United Group.

We are a company founded in 2016 starting operations in 2020 with an approximate workforce of 100 employees whose purpose is to comply with basic raw materials for the industry  metallurgical


United Steel was born to satisfy the raw material needs of our clients, achieving prices, objectives, credit lines and above all  speed 


To become a company / platform for the distribution of raw materials, fast and with world quality. In addition to being the perfect link for our employees  have  good growth both with us and externally.


Syvasa is a manufacturer of parts made basically from cold and / or hot rolled sheets, with characteristics of malleability and resistance for cutting, bending, punching and welding; It also works with high-strength steels, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, brass, copper, etc.


Our mission is manifested in an approach of respect and honesty with our clients, suppliers and collaborators. Quality, service and price; under criteria of financial profitability and promoting the development of the personnel working in the company.


To be a leading company in the manufacture of metal parts for the industry in general, based on the application of cutting-edge technology for the constant improvement of manufacturing processes, with the goal of conquering international markets that promote internal and external development and growth. by SYVASA

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